Køb billet

30.-31. Marts 2022


with Boaz Barkan and Andreas Liebmann

OBS: The performance takes place at Salon K, Huset.

This evening makes you part of the billion non-centered centers around the globe: Here.

How far can you travel by staying at a place? The climate crisis tells us that we need to reduce our ecological footprint. How to communicate with people around the world by using the transport system of imagination? How to experience a place far from here by having a dialogue with a body that crosses the local square?

With the touring version of “Total International (Lokal)”, Boaz Barkan and Andreas Liebmann start a journey through local environments and communities in Copenhagen and its suburbs. They invite the audience into the ancient technique of letter writing, dance messages from the local world, while slowly kilingl the international artist.

The performance is supported by: the Statens Kunstfond, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Stadt Zürich, Kanton Zürich, Ernst Göhner Stiftung and Nordisk Kulturfond (Global Start-up).
The performance is presented in collaboration with Teater FÅR302